About DIF

The Delaware Innovation Fund (DIF) is a not-for-profit $10 million private economic development venture capital entity established in 1995. The DIF provides counsel, education and selective early-stage investment capital to encourage the growth of seed, start-up and early-stage high technology companies in Delaware and the surrounding Mid-Atlantic region.

The DIF provides early-stage investment funding in either the form of equity capital, long-term debt with royalty-based payback, or convertible debentures. The DIF also provides technical assistance through business counseling, entrepreneurial seminars, and its wide network of professional resources.

The Fund has emerged as the leader in venture and entrepreneurial development in Delaware.

Involvement within the Community is important to the Delaware Innovation Fund. Whether participating in educational events or seminars, serving on numerous boards, committees or councils, the DIF is committed to making a valuable contribution to entrepreneurial efforts and economic growth within our community.

“The Delaware Innovation Fund has been very instrumental in Foxfire’s growth. From the start, the DIF sourced additional capital from other investment funds and sought out potential board members for the company. As Foxfire has grown, the DIF has continued to use its network of government and business contacts to support Foxfire’s PR campaign and acquisition research.” – John Ferretti Founder & CEO, Foxfire Printing & Packaging, Inc.