Delaware Innovation Fund

DIF provides the initial capital and business support for early stage  companies with the potential to generate rapid growth in revenue, profitability, and shareholder value.

Approach: The DIF brings 60 years of combined experience in fostering early stage companies to each investment. The management team of the DIF has been together since 1995, and each member brings diverse experience in business operations, technology management, entrepreneurial development and investment strategy. The DIF guides portfolio companies through the challenges of early stage growth and expansion, providing the technical and financial support that leads these young companies to becoming market leaders.

Investment Range: Our initial investments range in size from $25,000 through $50,000 in our demonstration funding program and $50,000 to $500,000 in our commercialization funding.

Investment Process: The DIF will review the potential portfolio company’s business plan, which should include a description of the technology, financial results and projections, information on intellectual property, profiles of the company’s management team and board of directors, and market strategy. Business plans should be submitted in both electronic form and hard copy.

How We Work: The DIF provides more than investment capital. We help our portfolio companies develop business and financial strategies, and offer guidance to management teams in preparing for additional financings.  We bring a network of corporate, financial, and technical contacts to every portfolio company, helping them build on their market opportunities.